The nature of work is changing, which means you might not have to wait until retirement to see the world.

The nature of work is changing, which means you might not have to wait until retirement to see the world.

“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all -- the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”

In the age of social-media driven travel, we exist in a paradox. In our youth our road trips to places on the maps we had only imagined, sharing rooms with our friends, sleeping on couches and floors, hiking routes and taking risks we might be ignorant to know the inherent dangers of. Of course, this is all assuming we had the means to take these trips.

Jobs needed to be worked, money saved, careers built - the limits of travel.

When we are older and have financial and occupational freedom, we might not be as physically able to travel as we were in our youth. Most of us live with the promise of our “golden years.” Retirement. The farewell party, security checks, and finding other ways to fill our time.

There is a balance between the vigor of your youth and the experience that comes with age. Travel isn’t meant to be afforded by the old, yet enjoyed by the young. It’s time to strike a balance. There is more to life than working towards retirement - why not do yourself a favor and take the expedition of your dreams right now.

We’ve got just the vehicle for you to do it in. The perfect overland vehicle will not only allow you to drive just about anywhere in the world but give you the mental drive to do it.

Get Just About Anywhere

There is a place in this world for Recreational Vehicles - that place is usually limited to paved asphalt of highways and crowded campgrounds. The most memorable adventures go beyond where the crowds end and up the road that others might find impassible. With several custom options available, your overland vehicle can be suited to drive past where the maps end for everyone else. The right overland vehicle will not just take you off the established road, but it can lead you beyond where the map ends. Fret not, there is always a way back thanks to a premium onboard navigation kit

Stay Just About Anywhere

At some point your mailbox fills up with brochures from places who think they have a good idea of where you should spend your time and money. A private beach and catered meals sound like a good idea until you find out you have to share them with 200 other people. Consider the ancient cities of the world and how many people A cruise ship can bring you to tropical paradises and ports of call all over the world - so long as you are back on board in time for dinner and departure.

An overland vehicle gives you the option to park your bedroom near any vista. Want to get away from it all? No one will know where to find you. Better yet, you can count on having the same quality of sleep every night with your own custom queen-sized bed and personalized finishings - something a hotel will never be able to offer you.

Work From Wherever

Home is wherever you park it. Same goes for your office. With the rising trend in remote work, freelance opportunities, and the ease of starting your own business from anywhere, you can easily afford your overland adventures without having to leave your job behind. Check emails in the morning from your foldout table in your living space or under the awning in the fresh air, hike in the afternoon, and enjoy the campfire under the stars.

All of this is possible with the right overland vehicle equipped with power packages - recharged by solar panels - so your cellular connection never runs out of juice. When you’re powered and connected your boss might never even notice you’ve left the office.

Share the Journey

The best part about traveling well beyond the beaten path is having a different story to share when you come back. When you find routes across the world and see what is beyond new horizons, you will want to share the adventure. Maybe you want to inspire your friends to join you on your next journey - or maybe you want to make them feel envious that you have the expedition vehicle that brings you places they can only dream of going.

Stack up the miles and rack up the stories - it all starts with a custom vehicle built to handle anything the world can throw at it. Life doesn't start when your time in the office ends, and tomorrow is never promised. We can help secure financing so you can hit the road sooner, and build in the custom features you need so you can stay out longer. The only question remains: where are you headed? We'd love to help you get there.

Let's talk about it ... (417) 582-5050.

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