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DIY Adventure Panel Kits

DIY Adventure Panel Kits

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Build your own Expedition Vehicle with a quality set of in-house produced Structural Composite Sandwich (SCS) Expedition panels. The same panels used in our custom made-to-order bodies. A wall thickness of 2.36" creates high-performance insulation with no thermal conduction paths for interior cabin heating and cooling and all extreme exterior climates. The Structural Composite design allows maximum strength to withstand high-intensity movement for every type of off-roading.

  • FRP over closed-cell foam construction
  • Standard panel thickness 2.36" or 60mm
  • Solid core 3-ply structural composite
  • High gloss interior/exterior
  • 15R thermal insulation value
  • High strength composite body extrusions
  • Comes unassembled

SCS (Structural Composite Sandwich) panels are ideal to build Expedition bodies.  It allows for maximum diversity of cabin size choices and provides the option to adjust strength requirements through additional plys or wall thickness.  The SCS panel also has superior insulating performance with an approximate thermal R-value of 15. Typical panels are a solid core 3-ply panel that is ultra-high strength, low weight, self-supporting.  The plys are vacuum-bonded with a 1,344 pound per square inch industrial adhesive. Total wall thickness is 2.36” (60mm) with no thermal conduction paths. SCS panels hold up to the mechanical stresses and dynamic forces, such as flexing, wind, & extreme hot or cold encountered in Overland Travel.

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